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Patricia Stallings

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Ms. Patricia Stallings graduated from North Georgia College in 1997 with a Bachelor’s of Arts in History. At the University of Georgia, she focused her graduate studies on agricultural history and the history of the Southern United States. While researching her thesis, “Presenting Mr. Ira’s Masterpiece,” she developed an interest in historic preservation and began course work to expand her knowledge of this field. Upon graduation in 2002, she received a Master of Arts in History and a Certificate in Preservation Studies. By virtue of her diverse background, Ms. Stallings’ work at Brockington and Associates, Inc. has ranged from conducting intensive archival research, developing historical narratives and completing architectural surveys.

Ms. Stallings interest in military history dates to her youth, when she was a voracious reader of Civil War material. Her interests expanded, however, during her years at North Georgia College, when she took military history course work alongside future members of the Armed Forces, and gained a respect for the military and its role throughout American history. Her interests include not only the strategy and tactics of specific events, but social and cultural aspects as well.

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Since her arrival at Brockington in 2002, Ms. Stallings has worked on numerous projects requiring historical research of military-related properties. While most have involved architectural survey, each has provided a unique opportunity to research military events from different eras. Her experience includes research of “Oglethorpe’s Watch House” on St. Simon’s Island, Georgia (1730s), Point Peter cantonment (early nineteenth century), Spencer Artillery Range (World War II), and the Anniston Army Depot (World War II-present missions). The following pages provide specific project experience.