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We are consultants who specialize in study and management of military related historic sites. The Flank Company works closely with our clients to provide the information they need, and to make recommendations for preservation or mitigation, as necessary. We are proud of our past successes with these projects, and strive always to be the foremost with our knowledge and technologies.

Military-related historic properties offer unique challenges in cultural resource management. For example, Battlefields, are treasured by many as our most significant historic resources. Standard archaeological survey methods simply do not find military sites, but we have developed methodologies specifically for battlefield identification. As Bivouac Areas and training grounds are the places where soldiers spent most of their time, they offer the greatest potential for archaeological discovery. Fortifications range from simple ditches dug expediently for a few hour’s protection, to elaborate brick and masonry forts. These are often still visible and are considered as architectural and engineering (as well as archaeological) resources. Cold War Resources are a relatively new class of historic property, and many do not meet the traditional 50 year minimum age for classification as a historic property. Cold War resource significance is sometimes difficult to determine as their original function was often classified and little documentation survives.

Once researched and evaluated in their historic context, we must determine the relative significance of military sites and make management recommendations. Sometimes proposed development will not physically affect these resources, but can cause visual, noise, or other non-physical impacts to them. Evaluation and mitigation of non-physical impacts are some of the most challenging issues in dealing with historic properties. While scholarly and scientific reporting of military sites is a primary focus, we recognize that military history is enormously popular with the general public. For their benefit we work closely with the History Workshop to create interpretive programs, education curriculums, museum exhibits, websites, and make film documentaries.